School Guide to LED Lighting

You are probably aware that one of the main contributors to your energy costs is lighting but you may be surprised to hear that with a simple funded upgrade to LED Lighting you can eliminate up to 90% of those lighting costs and never buy or replace another light bulb or fitting for the next 10+ years!

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools can mean from thousands, to tens of thousands of pounds in savings, each and every year by immediately improving energy efficiency.

There are also the health questions that arise when you really think about your existing fluorescent lighting. Did you know those gas filled tubes above your head are essentially as hot as the sun’s surface inside, and full of hazardous material such as mercury, not to mention your student’s exposure to UV light and the visible radiation emitted by fluorescent light sources.

When the human visual system transmits this poor spectrum of light it must fill in the gaps to process the picture. Students who learn in these poor lighting environments will often have difficulty concentrating.

Some individuals can have a sensitivity to this light (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome) and can sometimes be misdiagnosed with dyslexia, learning disabilities as well as symptoms like dizziness, headaches and nausea caused by the spikes/gaps in fluorescent light output. 

(LED) Light Emitting Diodes are a cutting-edge solid-state technology and is predicted to replace all artificial light by 2030 and with further developments, the cost of switching to LED is now widely available.

The simple switch to LED lighting not only dramatically reduces energy costs and improves energy efficiency by up to 10 times that of traditional lighting, but can provide the benefits of improving health, safety and performance in classrooms with a far superior output of quality of light.

SURE Energy LED provide a FREE audit to assess your current lighting to find out how much you could save by switching to LED!

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