Medical & Healthcare LED Guide

We, at Sure Energy, have a dedicated team that focuses on helping Organisations in the Medical Industry improve their Energy Efficiency. One way to reduce your Carbon Footprint is to replace all Fluorescent and Incandescent Lighting with the highly efficient LED Lighting. Not only that, your business could also save up to 90% on your Lighting costs too!

The best part is by upgrading to LED lights the Practice can write off 100% of the installation cost against its income or corporation tax with the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

Our approach is bespoke to each client, as each building has different needs and consumption. We provide FREE LED Surveys to Healthcare Practices to discuss the process and benefits that come with upgrading the lighting. The survey will include a survey of the current lights as to whether they are suitable, testimonials from recent upgrades and the facts and figures that come with them for you to make an educated decision.

SURE Energy LED provide a FREE audit to assess your current lighting to find out how much you could save by switching to LED!

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